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Congratulations to Team GB, and Thank You For The Medals!

Margaret - August 13, 2021

We celebrate Team GB’s success in patriotic style as we return to rehearsals together. With an amazing collection of medals from the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, Team GB have again demonstrated the quality and breadth of sporting prowess in Great Britain and Northern Ireland. How amazing to finish 4th in the Medal Table of the best… Read more

We ARE a social bunch, getting together again

Margaret - April 18, 2021

There’s not much that will stop members of the Games Maker Choir from socialising and as the government’s road map moves along, we’re taking full advantage of the restrictions easing.     Timing nicely with some glorious spring weather several small, socially distanced gatherings for choir members, creatively named ‘Sit Out to Help Out’, have… Read more

We Wish For You The World!

Margaret - January 2, 2021

The Games Maker Choir have recorded a new video, to pass on a heartfelt sentiment to the world. The song “I Wish For You The World” was first released and performed with singer songwriter Alistair Griffin who wrote the track with Richard Chance in 2012 to celebrate the London Olympics. The song has been rearranged… Read more

The rehearsals must go on!

Margaret - December 12, 2020

Those face coverings can’t hide a Games Maker smile!     The Games Maker Choir sing together again! We all know that the world has been a very strange place over the last few months and without exception we have all had to find new ways of adapting to everyday life. Choirs are no different,… Read more

Marathon support for Special Olympics – 2.6 challenge style

Margaret - April 26, 2020

It would have been the  2020 London Marathon today, and many from our choir would have been volunteering or even running in this world class event. Sadly this was not to be, but members of the Games Maker Choir have risen to the event organiser’s Two Point Six Challenge  and are raising funds for a very… Read more

The Games Maker Choir pull together – at a distance

Margaret - April 12, 2020

  During the current Covid-19 crisis the Games Maker Choir family are pulling together to support each other by as many means as possible.   In the regular world, members of this unique choir are only able to meet up in person on the first Saturday of each month, as choir members are located all… Read more

The Games Maker Choir Showreel

Margaret - March 7, 2019

Take a look at our latest showreel to see and hear the choir and some of our great experiences…. so far.   There have been some truly unforgettable ‘pinch me’ adventures and performances for this merry band of volunteers who came together during and following the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics, with several new members… Read more

The Games Maker Choir supports Mental Health Awareness Week – here’s why.

Margaret - May 21, 2020

It’s Mental Health Awareness Week and, as a choir who have come together through sports volunteering, we recognise and embrace the mental health benefits of doing things together. Even more so in 2020, which has become the most surreal and challenging year for many.     Its well documented that singing is great for your… Read more

The Games Maker Choir Marching? To Amarillo?

Margaret - April 23, 2020

Watch members of the choir have fun, exercise and show that they are in fine voice (of course) in readiness for the BBC’s BIG Night In” on BBC One on 23rd April 2020. Is there a better way to show that we won’t be beaten by the current lockdown regulations? Watch the whole show live… Read more

A new Olympic year, a new decade and new members?

Margaret - January 26, 2020

So, here we are in 2020, entering another Olympic Year, the third since The Games Maker Choir was formed during the unforgettable London 2012 Olympic Games. We’re avidly following the stories of all the athletes, both Olympian and Paralympian hopefuls, as they work their way to what promises to be another amazing Games, in Tokyo 2020…. Read more