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Free Christmas Concert at the V&A!

The Games Maker Choir consider Friday 13th December  2019 a very lucky day, that’s when they will be singing in the Grand Entrance of the Victoria & Albert Museum in London!


Cartoon of Christmas Carol Singers, credit



Each year the V&A invite  ‘friends and favourite choirs from London’s choral scene’ to perform FREE concerts in this iconic building, where the acoustics and surroundings are wonderful.

It will be another ‘first’ for the choir, with music especially chosen for the occasion – and the very special venue.

Join the ‘Choir For Sport’ and experience the occasion for yourself, it will be a perfect way to celebrate music, art, design, history and Christmas too of course.

Find out more about the Christmas Choir events – and the V&A

See the event post on the Games Maker Choir’s Facebook page 


Margaret - November 23, 2019