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10th Anniversary Concert News! Auction of Promises

As part of the fundraising plans for our tenth Anniversary Concert on the 8th October 2022, we’ve created an Auction of Promises. Intrigued?

We invite you to have a bit of fun and get involved in the run up to our concert in this special anniversary year.  Funds raised will go towards our tenth anniversary concert in October!

Watch out for ticket news coming soon!


Celebrate our tenth anniversary concert 8th October 2022 us



Take a look at our Auction of Promises web page and view the range of ‘Promises’ that you can bid for, including:  a unique experience with the Pandemonium Drummers, some distinctive alcoholic beverages,  a guided tour, flower arranging  workshop …….. and more.


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The auction is open for two months closing at 10pm on Sunday 31st July 2022 and the highest bidder for each prize will be notified soon after that date.


Feel free to share the Auction Site with family, friends and colleagues and follow our social channels on FacebookTwitter and Instagram for more news of this and other performances and events.



Margaret - June 2, 2022