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The Games Maker Choir pull together – at a distance


During the current Covid-19 crisis the Games Maker Choir family are pulling together to support each other by as many means as possible.


In the regular world, members of this unique choir are only able to meet up in person on the first Saturday of each month, as choir members are located all over the country – and that has been the case for the past seven and a half years since the choir was formed following the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympic Games.


Over the years we have become adept at utilising technology, from social media and email to specialist (but straightforward) music software, enabling and encouraging us to continue rehearsing a wide range of music and the new skills at home – shared online by our amazing Choir Director and  team members between the official rehearsals.


Our rehearsal in March was the last time for a while where we could physically get together, but everyone is now benefiting from an even wider range of online initiatives introduced while we follow the Government’s advice to ‘Stay Safe at Home’.


Never to be downhearted, we are now learning and mastering new skills and technology to enable us to be ‘together’ via video streaming links. Our first ‘online rehearsal’ took place on the first Saturday in April and was a resounding success! The hard work we all put in from the safety of our own homes was then rewarded by a ‘group lunch’ and a ‘social get together at the pub’ afterwards, all enabled by the clever technology now available. During the Easter weekend we also had the second of our  very enjoyable online quizzes too!


Being able to see each other and chat as well as work and sing together was an amazing feeling appreciated by all who were able to take part.


Making the best we can of a very serious situation, choir members continue to be very active and supportive of each other. Again technology has helped us keep in touch;  from private messaging and social media, to phone and text messages, we have all shared concerns, advice, family updates, pictures and videos that have helped us collectively smile, laugh and even shed a tear or two.


It really is incredible how the world can seem so big in some ways but, with the will and skills learnt together, we can make it accessible and all still be together – weathering the storm and looking forward to when we can once again travel to rehearsals and amazing sporting & musical events in the ‘real world’, when restrictions are lifted.


Sporting Volunteers!  If you’ve ever wondered what we do, or have been meaning to join us but found the travelling an obstacle, and maybe have a little more time to fill at the moment, why not think about joining our choir family virtually?

We’d love to hear from you!

Click below to watch the video for inspiration! Then take a look at the joining criteria and get in touch.


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Take care and stay safe

The Games Maker Choir


Margaret - April 12, 2020