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A new Olympic year, a new decade and new members?

So, here we are in 2020, entering another Olympic Year, the third since The Games Maker Choir was formed during the unforgettable London 2012 Olympic Games.

We’re avidly following the stories of all the athletes, both Olympian and Paralympian hopefuls, as they work their way to what promises to be another amazing Games, in Tokyo 2020.

The choir is working its way forward too, honing our existing repertoire and learning new songs for what looks like becoming another busy and memorable year as the ‘Choir for Sport’.

As a big family of sports volunteer friends, who get together just once a month for group rehearsals, this unique choir enjoys lots of support- making the best use of a variety of technology to use between rehearsals, wherever we are in the world, – and the skills and knowledge of some very clever and creative people.

Like many families, we are growing and evolving, so – if you think this sounds like fun and you have volunteered at a major international sporting event – why not think about joining us?  Read how to go about it here.

No auditions, first rehearsal free as a taster,  the Joining Fee is just £10, then just £13 monthly rehearsal fee thereafter – what a bargain! AND, you’ll be amazed what experiences and opportunities you may enjoy.

Watch the choir’s show reel for a taste of what we have already achieved and then – get in touch!

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Margaret - January 26, 2020